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We are Gurukrupa Ayur

Its a serene place where one can experience a status of Complete Wellness.

Ayurved – Panchakarma – Yog – Naturopathy units are distinctly developed.

It was found from studies and experiences of last few years that Ayurved synchronized with Meditation fulfil requirements to achieve total health. This concept, a seed grown as a tree of Gurukrupa Hospital. A unique way to treat suffered one and maintain health of health gainers are peculiarities of Gurukrupa Hospital.

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Man: shanti : (Mental peace)

Travel to Tranquility

Garbha Sanskar : (Birth of divine child)

Experience of blissful birth

Chakra Balance : (Balance of energy centers)

Eternal joy of soul

Kaya Svasthya : (Care of physical health)

Healthy body a medium of happy life

Sampurna Svasthya : (Complete wellness)

Balance of body, mind, sense and soul

info box bg Ayurved
Ayurved - the science of life
info box bg Panchakarm
Path to purification and rejuvenation
info box bg Yog
Explore infinite with Universal life force
info box bg Naturopathy
Natural elements a boon for healing