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An Ultimate Destination For Complete Wellness

Gurukrupa Hospital and Research Center is a place where one can get an Ayurvedic consultation, on basis of which panchakarma treatments, yogic guidelines, and naturopathy therapies are provided.

We have an exquisite way to deal with human health to cure ailments and maintenance of healthy. It is our specialty to design a health plan for those who want to remain healthy for longevity.

Whenever you face any kind of health issues, any ailments pertaining to body or mind you can contact us. If you are healthy and want to experience rejuvenation and reformation of yourself you may ask us to design customized program of health guide for you.

It is a unique way to manage human health with experience, researchers and innovative contribution from a team of Gurukrupa Hospital.


A Unique Way For Complete Wellness

Gurukrupa Hospital leads by Dr. Hetal Acharya and team with distinct features in the field of healthcare. Ayurved, Panchakarm, Yog and Naturopathy is combined here.

  • We are dedicated to serve for betterment of health care for our patients

  • We will give a prompt response to your enquiry

  • We will try to provide you holistic healthcare

  • We will guide to maintain your healthy physical and mental status

  • We will put our best to offer good treatments and medicines

  • We are there when you need us

Your health, is our motto and your complete wellness is our job It will be a pleasure to state these because the new team at Gurukrupa Hospital is approachable, experienced, highly qualified; and building a new trail in the field of wellness, we aim to provide even more exceptional high-quality health services. The staff is multilingual- members speak English, Hindi, and Gujarati. The center is well equipped to provide therapies with cleanliness, precision, and proper methods. Our center is easily accessible and intimacy with patients is a distinct feature.


Gurukrupa Hospital – A New Approach, A New Team

In 2016, Dr. Hetal Acharya, M.D.(Ayurved-Panchakarm) was felicitated by Hon. President of India Mr. Pranav Mukherjee for her representation of Ayurved globally at UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK, USA. She was selected amongst #100 women achievers of India. The center was set up to provide a way of complete wellness to people. Since last ten years, Dr. Hetal contributes for Ayurved and Wellness. She has taken an experience of Nadi nidana from well learned Nadi Vaidya for long years.

Dr. Hetal has experience in Panchakarma, naturopathy, and Yog. She found that mental wellness is essential for management of ailments in a curative way. She has combined Yog, Meditation and spiritual techniques to achieve the goal of complete wellness.

To support her new vision, she has a Good team especially working as a Life coach at Gurukrupa Hospital Mr. Mohit Kacha. He takes care of Yog, Meditation and spiritual aspects of wellness. He has a long experience in the field of stress management and meditation. He is a successful public speaker, his hundreds of discourses are arranged at various places.

A team of Gurukrupa Hospital will be there to take care of your health in a holistic way when approached.


Our vision is to impart the best of Ayurvedic, Panchakarm, Naturopathy and Yogic treatments for complete wellness. It is a unique way to take care of physical, mental and spiritual health.


To provide an exquisite approach for patients based on Ancient Ayurved for those who would like to remain healthy and suffered ones.



We will try to serve you with holistic approach of treatment in harmonized combination of physical and mental wellness.


Gurukrupa hospital is a unique centre where people are dedicated to provide healthcare services at its best. It will be dedication of our unit to put efforts for your health.


We will design a customized health program for you in holistic way. Your health, is our motto and your complete wellness is our job.

A prime objective of Ayurved, maintenance of health for healthy people in present scenario, a New way for Wellness is practised by Dr. Hetal at Gurukrupa Hospital for healthy people. Panchakarm, Nadi nidan (pulse diagnosis), Garbhadhan Samskar (science to give birth to a divine child), Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle planning with a unique aspect of total balance of AURA and CHAKRA (energy centers) are fields in which she contributes since many years. Ayurvedic Seminars and Exhibitions on Women Health Care, Chakra and Ayurved, Ayurvedic Dietetics and lifestyle and various subjects to raise awareness in community continuously arranged by her. Gurukrupa Hospital & Research Centre, a place where health gainers get benefits of Ancient Ayurved – Panchakarm, Yog and Naturopathy for total cure.

Dr. Hetal shown brilliant performance during her Ayurved Graduation and Post Graduation studies at world famous Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. She got ranks at university level. She presented papers in various conferences and write for awareness about Ayurved for common people and Health Care professionals.

It is her vision to work for Women and Child health care through Ayurved, Research of AURA and energy based perspectives of Ayurved and offer some important programs to raise awareness in community. Ayurved being a complete science of Life, its her aim to uplift health status of people all over the world. She continuously put efforts to initiate inclination of people towards Ayurved Globally.

He practiced meditation since a long. He is a meditation mentor, whose teachings touch lives to reform existence. Through meditation, efficiency increased, performance improved and quality of life uplifted.

Mohit Kacha Meditation Mentor +91 81402 94749 mohit.k@GurukrupaAyur.org www.GurukrupaAyur.org

Mohit studied different masters and their methods of awakening, he found a simpler way for which he raise awareness through lectures, seminars, workshops and discourses. His fundamental views are shared through articles in print and talks and interviews on audiovisual mediums.

Project consultancy for centers of Ayurved, Yog, Naturopathy and Wellness is also provided by Mohit.

It is his aim to share his profound knowledge of Meditation for welfare of society. He is determined to contribute for a unique way for complete wellness through meditation in collaboration with Ayurved-Panchakarm techniques.