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Take charge of you health !

Health is a status of balance, one has to maintain every day. Nowadays, materialistic things and comfort are bought easily but healthy status can not be bought. Ayurvedic definition of health reflects the balance of bodily humors, functions, calmness of mind and pleasant status of a soul. Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarm procedures, Diet, Lifestyle, Yog-Meditation, and Naturopathy are pillars of holistic health care provided at Gurukrupa Hospital.

Diabetic care

Diabetes is not a disease itself but its a culprit of the development of many other pathologies.

Ayurveda has an indigenous concept of Prameha and treatments based on it shows more improvement in Diabetes. Panchakarma helps to detoxify body and mind which in turn leads to treat Diabetes and prevent diabetic complications.

Gurukrupa hospital is such a place where subtle aspects responsible for Diabetes covered in the total cure. An innovative Meditation therapy is a way to balance of five basic elements Panchamahabhut in Diabetes.

Harmonized approach of Ayurveda and Meditation therapy can be a way to live Diabetes-free life.